Our Team

Our Team


Fusion Design Studio, It’s not just a simple photography house. It’s a one stop shop for all your creative needs related to photography. It’s a place where pictures speak more than people do.

Conceived to serve our clients with their every creative need, we serve the balanced assistance to our clients. The services that are high on creativity, full of freshness and uniquely executed to become the talk of the town.

We hold the ideal blend of strong photography techniques with creative concepts and appealing props that appeal all and each. Following a simple but effective strategy, we believe in doing common things uncommonly well.

Team Member

"Kuldeep Soni"

22 years in Advertising. Was Digital Studio Manager of McCann Delhi since 2001. Having worked extensively across categories and brands.

Great understanding of advertising processes and complexicity, quality and cost effective deliverables within timeline, Cracking concepts, thinking about them on a larger base and executing them in the best way, these features define him.

Team Member

"Manish Soni"

17 years in Photography. Was leading studio of Magppie prior to this. He has a huge portfolio under his name consisting of various big brands and their diverse elements.

With Extensive experience in photography as well as thorough knowledge of graphic, colour and typography, he is an expert when it comes to technical, aesthetical and functional processes of print designs.

Team Member

"Pankaj Khanna"

12+ years in Photography and Design. Cameras have been his passion, and designing his first love. Being and experienved man himself,

he has a good understanding of client requirements, marketing strategies and respects customer statisfaction, all of which become invaluable inputs for us. His ‘nothing impossible attitude’ and expertise are few of the benefits that Fusion Design Studio gladly enjoy.